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    Whom you are Independent or a small and medium-sized business, well-established or infant enterprise, you dedicate all your time and energy to its success. It is also necessary to identify and subdue the risks to which your company may face.

    You wonder and matters arise:

    • What are the national insurance, compulsory and optional professional ones?
    • How to insure my company against risks?
    • Do I have to take stock of my present insurance and review other issues?
    • The project of my company evolves enormously, how to avoid the unexpected events?

    We advise you in various spheres of your company, such as:

    • Civil Liability
    • Things and assets’ insurance
    • Technical insurance
    • Legal protection and road’traffic
    • Accident’ insurance « LAA », employees, owner of a business and his relatives
    • Loss of earning’ insurance « APG »
    • Professional foresight « LPP »
    • Other fields of insurance

    Every situation gets its own/several solution(s). Please contact us for a first talk without commitment:

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      RC entrepriseInventaire d’entrepriseProtection JuridiqueAss. TechniquesAccidentPerte de gainPrévoyance ProfessionnelleAutres

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