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    ASWELL is an independent consulting firm approved by the Federal Office of Private Insurance (FOPI) in the field of private insurance, all branches for persons resident in Switzerland or abroad.
    The areas of insurance’ advice include the following:

    • People (Health, Travel, Legal Protection …)
    • Things (Mobility, Housing, Business companies …)
    • Life (Accident, Retirement, Death)

    Simplify your life!
    In an ever-present changing world, it is not obvious to succeed in life without having to identify the risks we face and fix them with the most appropriate solutions. So, if you:

    • can not …
    • do not know …
    • you do not want ….
    • you feel do not understand the scope of insurance, this seem quite usual and up to standard!

    To make life easier, Aswell Advice has studied and deeply analyzed for you the allowance and benefits provided by most major insurance companies in Switzerland. You need advice in spheres such as:

    • Health (Sickness & Accident), a Swiss resident, Borders or International
    • Providence (loss of earnings, life, mortgage, Retirement, Death)
    • Travel (you invite a host in Switzerland or when travelling)
    • Mobility (Car, Motorcycle, Scooter, Boat)
    • Housing (Liability, Dwelling, Construction, Valuables)
    • Legal protection (Private, Road traffic)
    • SMB / Independent with or without employees (cover risks linked to the business of the company as well as personal resources that contribute to its success)

    Then, you can rely on our discerning advice. Upon request and without obligation on your part, you will receive a concrete proposal that fits your needs and safeguards you to be assured at the lowest cost.

    Save up to 45%!

    By dint of experience and thanks to its knowledge, ASWELL advice is able to save up to 45% on your premiums private-yearly insurance and optimize your financial standing

    Trust us!

    Ask ASWELL Advice to continuously monitor your insurance by updating your file regularly and sending you proposals while meeting your expectations. Consequently, you can be sure to be always perfectly assured.